May we introduce you to : Franck Collin

The team of micro artist-in-residence programme ‘Canopée Residence’ warmly welcomes Franck Collin, the very first artist in our programme starting RIGHT NOW !

Franck Collin is an electronic music artist, composer, performer and sound designer based in Tokyo-Japan since 2001, originaly from France. Fleck E.S.C and The ceillar are his two monikers.

His artistic activities oscillate between club music (electro, down tempo, electronica, ambient,) which had brought him to perform alongside artists such as Dj Hell, Dave Clark, Peter Hook from New order, The Egyptian lover to name a few.

Beside his many releases, he also works for documentaries such as ‘Astro boy in robotland’ directed by Marc Caro (co-director of ‘Delicatessen and Lost children).

He has been working since 2013 with Canopée Produktion for theater play’s sound design Le Frigo by Copi, and produced by Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg.

His second collaboration with Canopée is for the sound design for ‘Hughie’ by Eugene O’Neill, directed by François Baldassare. The project is currently in production. It will be showcased on 20th and 21th february 2018 in Regional Cultural Center Opderschmelz in Luxembourg.

>> Info and tickets for the theater play HUGHIE
>> Info about Canopée Residence programme
>> Stay tuned to see and hear more of Franck's sound design !

Discover more about Franck’s sound world

Ambient/experimental/electronica, by The Ceillar :


Electro, by Fleck E.S.C.


The official music video for Fleck E.S.C. « Further Peace »


Discography :


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