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Canopée Artist-In-Residence (AIR) Programme

Launched in 2018, Canopée AIR Programme offers the opportunity to reflect, experiment and develop new ideas as part of a creative practice.

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The aim of the programme is to:

  • Develop a space for creative people to exchange ideas
  • Enhance perspectives by living and working in an informal and intercultural setting
  • Support the creation of new work both locally and internationally
  • Create synergies for future collaboration

The artist-in-residence is hosted at ‘Villa Kunterbunt’, a private community house in Luxembourg-City.

Canopée AIR Programme is a member of the International Micro-Residence Network, currently coordinated by Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo, Japan | www.microresidence.net


The programme is open to:

  • Artists at the conceptualisation or research stage of a project
  • Professionals working in theatre, dance and film, writers, composers, singer-songwriters, visual artists, screenwriters, playwrights, literary, translators, social and cultural scientists
  • Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary artists
  • Artists working on large scale projects such as painting and sculpture unfortunately cannot be accommodated due to space and infrastructure restrictions
  • All nationalities and professional positions are welcomed to apply
  • Applicants must be over 18 years


To apply please send:

  • A current CV
  • A short description (500 words maximum) including: the proposed idea you wish to explore during the residence, an outline of your goals during the residence, and the reason for your stay in Luxembourg

Please send your CV and statement to: contact (at) canopee-asbl.com.

The artist-in-residence is not restricted to a specific focus or subject. The programme supports an open process and does not require a presentation of a result or a product.

Due to the collaborative and community nature of the residence, a dynamic interaction is encouraged between the other residents, local artists and audiences. Social interaction, inspiration and peer-to-peer learning could be enhanced by organising work-in-progress activities.

Artists aiming a complete isolation from the outside world should not apply to this programme.


  • The duration of residence is from 4 to 8 weeks
  • One artist can be hosted at a time
  • The residence is available from July to September 2018


The ‘Villa Kunterbunt’ is a grass-roots community house in a calm residential area of Luxemburg-City, currently home to four creative professionals practicing in performing arts, cinema, architecture and social science research.

The charming 240 sqm house is equipped with:

  • 6 rooms for accommodation
  • 1 working studio of 30 sqm
  • 2 living and meeting rooms with a full HD video projector and a large cinema screen
  • 1 fully equipped common kitchen
  • 2 bathrooms with 1 sauna
  • 1 relaxation room with tatami and futon mattress
  • 2 garden terrace
  • 1 garden for leisure with a 18 sqm greenhouse for growing organic vegetables for the communit
  • Wifi
  • Parquet floors throughout
  • Washing and dishing machine

Costs, supported resources and equipment for the artist-in-residence:

At present, the programme is completely independently financed; artists will be required to cover the cost of stay.

Please contact us for further information on the participation fee per month: contact (at) canopee-asbl.com.

The fee covers following services and equipments:

  • A fully furnished accommodation room of 25 sqm.
  • The working space of 30 sqm, which can be used for physical exercise, writing, readings, sound experimentation, and mini performances for an intimate audience.
  • The use of the living- and meeting room, equipped with Full HD video-beamer.
  • The use of the yoga- and meditation room, sauna and garden.
  • The whole common equipment of the kitchen, including basic food (herbs, bread, aromatic herbs, spices) and beverage (water, coffee, tea, milk) and seasonal organic fruits and vegetables from the garden.
  • The programme manager will act as a local guide, contact person and professional interface, before arrival and during the residence period.

Not included:

  • Insurance and health care plan. Residents have to be covered by a personal and professional insurance, and hold a European health care, or an international plan if coming from outside the European Union.
  • A grant or a scholarship. Artists should take the initiative to find financial or logistical support for their stay in Luxembourg. A wide range of mobility support mechanisms do exist at national and regional levels.

Individual advice for support in Luxembourg is part of the programme.
Please get in touch with Tessy for any additional queries:


The Villa Kunterbunt members run a range of activities and creative gatherings, such as mini concerts, jam sessions, theatre rehearsals, readings, and knowledge and know-how exchange sessions. These gatherings potentially address an intimate audience and are always open to new ideas and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Canopée Guest House: Established in 2014, the Guest House hosts international artists working on artistic projects in cooperation with local cultural organisations in Luxembourg (mainly performing artists staying from 1 day to 3 months).

Canopée Produktion asbl: Established in 2015, a non-for profit interdisciplinary association developing performance and audiovisual projects in Luxembourg and abroad. Its members engage in activities across socio-cultural and professional horizons in order to further enhance creativity and social interaction | www.canopee-asbl.com  (website in French)

Canopée Studio Sauvage: Established in 2017, the association set up the “Studio sauvage”, a quilted black box space of 30 sqm with a professional dancing floor and carpet, stage light and sound installation, video-beamer, microphones, table and chairs.

Background Luxembourg

The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg is far more than a tax haven. The small country has also been a multicultural welcome ground over the last century.

Landlocked and bordered by Germany, France and Belgium, the residents of Luxembourg do live in a highly multicultural sphere with three official languages. A rich industrial heritage made of steel and coal, the country has made an intense effort to transition from a post-industrial era to a more resilient and intercultural society based on creative and common knowledge resources, all of which contribute to a very special contemporary melting pot.

Luxembourg also has a vibrant artistic ground. After two adventures of being European Capital of Culture in 1995 and 2007, the country has developed cultural institutions to produce, promote and develop a contemporary art scene across disciplines. The vivid artistic scene contributes to the development of a cultural image, in juxtaposition to the financial sector., the development of an independent cultural scene is not in rest.

If you are looking to discover an outstanding space of visions – whether it be space mining, the third industrial revolution, artistic and cultural sustainability, inter- and multicultural ways of life, transborder mobility – you should rub shoulders with the residents in Luxembourg for a while!

Some further special facts about Luxembourg:

  • An immigration rate of 47,7 %, initiated by Portuguese and Italians after WWII
  • With a national area of 2,586 square kilometres, one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe
  • Population is less than 600,000
  • Over 100 nationalities living amongst 100,000 residents of Luxembourg-City
  • The world’s only remaining grand duchy with a constitutional monarch, headed by the grand duke Henri
  • Seat of diverse European institutions
  • Three official languages: Luxembourgish, German and French

Exciting upcoming events:


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